Community White Papers


Frontiers in Marine Science is publishing CWPs online as they complete their review process. A three volume e-book, encompassing the published OceanObs’19 CWPs, is available for download through the link below. Published CWPs can also be found below in our searchable table!

Special Issue E-Book


Below you can access the 120+ open-access manuscripts from over 2000 authors and co-authors. These papers convey the collective perspectives of the ocean observing community and reflect: (1) priorities for the next decade, (2) opportunities for strengthening end-user engagement, (3) concepts for better integration, and (4) prospects for improving societal themes.


The OceanObs’19 Program Committee collected high-level recommendations from CWP authors and synthesized them into a short document to summarize the expressed needs of the observing community. Your thoughts and input are welcome!

CWP Synthesis

CWPs published in Frontiers in Marine Science are available in the searchable table (below) linked to online versions and downloadable files. More will be added as they are published.