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OceanObs’19 will determine how we meet future user needs, improve the delivery of products across the globe, advance technology and services, and balance needs, capabilities, and knowledge worldwide. Achieving these outcomes will result in a fit-for-purpose Global Ocean Observing System over the next decade. 

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The OceanObs’19 conference is a community-driven conference that brings people from all over the planet together to communicate the decadal progress of ocean observing networks and to chart innovative solutions to society’s growing needs for ocean information in the coming decade.

Conference Themes

These societal benefit themes will be examined by their relationship to Ocean Observing and how information products can be best supported through the observing system themes. 

Presentations & Videos

Presentations and videos from OceanObs'19.


Sponsorship support is vital to the creation and execution of the OceanObs’19 conference.

Organizing Committees

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Conference Statements

The goal of the statement is to capture the major drivers for ocean observing and anticipated outcomes of the conference. We aim to publicize the statement post-conference to build support for future implementation.