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Living Action Plan

The Living Action Plan is our adaptive strategy which will continue to develop over the next decade. This living strategy is how we will hold ourselves accountable, ensuring that we accomplish these tasks over the years and communicating those accomplishments with the broader community. 

Community White Papers

These papers convey the collective perspectives of the ocean observing community and reflect priorities for the next decade, opportunities for strengthening end-user engagement, concepts for better integration, and prospects for improving societal themes.

RCN Workshop Report

The OceanObs Research Coordination Network (RCN) organized a meeting of national and international members of the ocean research and observation communities that was held 16 February 2020, in San Diego, CA, immediately prior to the Ocean Sciences Meeting. The objective of the RCN meeting was to provide a venue for these communities to discuss and advance outcomes and priorities that emerged from the OceanObs’19 Conference of September 2019.