Presentations & Videos

Opening Plenary: Welcome to OceanObs’19

Representatives from the region, the public, and the OceanObs’19 planning group will open the Conference and provide an overview of the OceanObs conference series. 

Opening Panel: Connecting Ocean Observations to the User Community

A series of short presentations will provide an overview of how ocean observing and the information it generates inform society on a wide range of issues. 

Innovation Flash Talks: Concepts Shaping the Future of Ocean Observing

A series of short presentations covering global networks, robotic systems, critical ocean variables, and thematic approaches will provide a glimpse into the many amazing accomplishments in these fields over the last decade. 

Perspective Plenary: Successes and Opportunities for Ocean Observing

This moderated session will focus on the overarching achievements of ocean observing in the past decade and what they mean for the future. 

Information Plenary: How Do We Meet Future User Needs?

Drawing from the collective knowledge of the Community White Papers, recommendations, and session proposals, this plenary will examine the push and pull of ocean information and define critical aspects of collecting, disseminating, and utilizing it. 

Panel: Enabling the Global Ocean Observing System: Realities and Opportunities

This panel will investigate the opportunities and challenges of transforming and delivering ocean observing data into practical information. 

Innovation Plenary: How Can We Enable New Technologies, Products, and Services?

Novel innovation is the cornerstone of all societal advancement. This plenary will examine how we spur innovation in observing technologies, products, and user services. 

Ocean Observing in the Next Decade: Emerging Ideas

This panel will highlight recent and needed innovations in science, technology, and economics that may have a major influence on the direction of ocean observations and a global observing system.

Integration Plenary: How Do We Balance Needs, Capabilities, and Knowledge Worldwide?

Interconnecting and balancing the moving parts of the system, this plenary will inspect the equilibrium in addressing user and operator needs, capabilities, and knowledge worldwide. 

Connecting Humanity with Ocean Observations: Interoperability and Governance

This panel will identify improvements for the governance of a global ocean observing system, including advocacy, funding, and alignment with best practices, and designate responsibility for product definition, including production and timely delivery at the appropriate scales (global, basin, regional, national) to serve user needs. 

Fresh Perspectives Toward OceanObs’29

After meeting throughout the conference to collect information and discuss their priorities, groups from the early career ocean observing community will present the perspectives of future users and observers. 

Charting the Way Forward: Community Views

Members of the Program Committee will articulate the near-term actions to implement the recommendations from the conference and explore opportunities to bring together existing and newly-formed groups from the ocean observing community. 

Charting the Way Forward: Sponsors Views

Key sponsors will articulate the long-term commitments across the major themes of the conference.