Open Source Software Revolution

Summary and Expectations

The evolution of open source software coupled with modern computing platforms enables new scalable scientific approaches. This session will explore applications of open source software to science, discuss popular tools and best practices, identify potential barriers to this rapidly advancing form of collaboration, and generate ideas on how open source software can further benefit the scientific community.

Expected Outcomes/Recommendations

  • Resources aimed at developing the knowledge & experience necessary to use & develop open source software will enable more scientists to benefit from the advantages of open source software.
  • Identification of existing & development of new methods that provide credit for publishing open source software is important for acceptance of open source software. These include inclusion of software digital object BinderHubs, reporting GIThub activity.
  • Support & further development of existing open source libraries that enable oceanographers to advance their science, including federal employees working on open source projects, funding work on libraries, or funding add-ons for grants.