Ocean, Weather, and Climate Forecasting

Summary and Expectations

The main goal of this breakout session is to identify post-conference activities and programs that should be carried out over the coming decade to increase synergy between ocean observation initiatives and ocean, weather, and climate forecasting. These activities will guide the actions of OceanPredict, GOOS, WMO, and related communities, focusing on maximizing value from the observing network, improving services to users and gaining scientific and technical efficiencies by bringing together related science communities. The basis for the discussion will consist of the Community White Papers relevant to Ocean, Weather, and Climate Forecasting, including reanalysis, S2S predictions, and OSE/OSSEs.

Expected Outcomes/Recommendations

  • Develop in partnership with the observational community a framework to perform observational impacts studies.
  • Enable a regular ocean observation impact forum for all applications, including user/sector needs.
  • Align strategies of groups along ocean obs value chain:eg GOOS, OceanPredict, and BluePlanet.