Ocean Best Practices

Summary and Expectations

In this session, all participants may identify priorities in the creation and evolution of best practices across the ocean value chain, with their adoption at local, regional, and global scales.Through discussion with a panel of experts and the session participants, we will develop a strategy and recommendations to ensure the benefits of best practices are accrued across the ocean community, via sustainability, peer review, clearly defined use cases, and the incorporation of the latest technologies. Of particular interest for science and applications are best practice strategies that lead to consistent and transparent observations in support of high quality science to advance the blue economy, wise conservation of life in the ocean, and sustainable development.

Expected Outcomes/Recommendations

  • The OBPS, as a sustainable, scalable system for best practices, is important for ocean observing andshould be capable of evolving with new technologies.
  • Establish community-based review capability for best practices.
  • There is a need for a convergence of best practices with similar objectives.