Observing Technology Innovation: Platforms and Technology

Summary and Expectations

Technological advancements in ocean observation and communications contribute to the improvement of marine awareness and environmental understanding. This session looks to identify and discuss breakthrough approaches in robotic persistence and scalable platforms and methods of transmitting data for relevant applications. Innovations in this important area can contribute to a better understanding of ocean modeling, marine mammal activity, and weather while reducing cost of capabilities required to obtain this information.

Expected Outcomes/Recommendations

  • Stakeholders & funding agencies need to promote early & consistent connection & dialogue amongst researchers, engineers/technologists & data science communities at the inception of observing programs to ensure that objectives and requirements are met.
  • The ocean observing community must establish a stronger pipeline for innovators from engineering, computer science, data science, and material science.
  • Distributed and extensive ocean obs platforms/systems are required to increase community emphasis on turning prototype tools & individual sensors into integrated platforms & production systems using best practices in systems engineering & data management.