Integrated Ocean Observations II: Diverse Stakeholder Needs

Summary and Expectations

This breakout session, constituting a part of the larger thematic block on “Integrated Ocean Observations,” focuses on innovations in the Framework of Ocean Observing (FOO) and its implementation in cross-disciplinary ocean observing systems on different geographical scales. After an introductory talk on the FOO processes and 3-4 talks by different stakeholders introducing their information and observation needs, the speakers will participate in a round-table discussion of how diverse stakeholders can work together to improve and build existing and emerging observing systems under the FOO in the next decade. In the final part, audience polling will be used to make consensus recommendations for integrating ocean observations across scales and disciplines to meet expanding user requirements, with FAIR data and synthesized information.

Expected Outcomes/Recommendations

  • Develop new mechanisms within the FOO to ensure that the observing system is truly multipurpose and multidisciplinary and serves diverse stakeholders. This may include developing new categories of EOVs connected to human activities.
  • Develop incentives to reward data providers, and invest in Data Assembly Centers and Integrated Data Services with expert curation, to ensure that data from stakeholders are FAIR, open, and free, contributing to the ocean observing system value chain.
  • Develop tailored communication strategies for the integrated observing system, to encourage stakeholder feedback and engagement processes. The strategies should include prioritization of ocean information and ocean observation needs.