Integrated Ocean Observations I: Across Geographic Scales

Summary and Expectations

The goal of this breakout session, constituting a part of the larger thematic block on “Integrated Ocean Observations,” is to develop a set of recommendations on how the global to coastal ocean observing systems can provide information and ocean products that are most useful to society’s needs. Participants will be invited to bring forward their suggestions on, for example, what innovation is needed to enable high-quality and high resolution measurements in the coastal ocean, noting the importance of regional and global processes to the coastal ocean, or on how to make national and regional systems more interoperable based on common standards and best practices. This session will seek to integrate the different observing approaches, knowledge and experiences of coastal ocean observers and users, and put the recommendations in the context of the vision for an integrated global ocean observing system.

Expected Outcomes/Recommendations

  • Make sure we’re measuring the same, important EOVs in comparable ways across geographic scales to inform societal, management and scientific needs.
  • Expand colocated EOV measurements to include biological and biogeochemical parameters.
  • Improve observational capacity by making sensors and platforms more affordable and best practices universal.