Innovation in Ocean Observing Platforms and Infrastructure

Summary and Expectations

We will explore innovation both in furthering the capability of existing platforms as well as new and possible future platforms and shared infrastructure. Of interest are multi-purpose sustainable infrastructure elements that are networked and interconnected to provide system-wide services such as basin scale positioning and navigation and power and communications. The session will develop recommendations for the continuing development and eventual implementation into GOOS.

Expected Outcomes/Recommendations

  • Establish international working groups to address key infrastructure areas and data harmonization across platforms: ASVs, AUVs, Moorings, Cable systems, Acoustic Systems.
  • Pilot a sustained multipurpose acoustic network for passive monitoring, tomography, underwater positioning and communication in an integrated Arctic observing system, with eventual transition to global coverage.
  • Transition telecom+sensing SMART subsea cable systems from present pilots to trans-ocean implementation, to address climate, ocean circulation, sea level, and tsunami and earthquake early warning, ultimately with global coverage.