Global Observing System for Marine Debris

Summary and Expectations

The goal of this session is to advance a harmonized approach to the design of regional/national programs and their integration in a global platform/repository. We will discuss common approaches of data collection and management and propose their unification and harmonization. The session will also propose post-conference activities and programs for the next decade and discuss marine litter observation governance.

Expected Outcomes/Recommendations

  • A comprehensive global observing & information system is necessary to evaluate sources/sinks, abundance, trends, risks and the efficiency of reduction measures and finally to get the problem under control.
  • To achieve fundamental understanding of the issues of marine debris, develop efficient in situ observation technology, remote sensors, models and monitoring strategies, involving citizen scientists when possible.
  • Build an integrated, standardized and harmonized collaborative network, using commonly accepted methods & definitions, whose structure (variables, coverage, and products) answers fundamental scientific questions and societal demands.