Fostering an Ocean-Literate Generation: An Approach at the Interface of Science Outreach and Communication

Summary and Expectations

An ocean-literate person understands the importance of the ocean to humankind, can communicate about the ocean meaningfully and is able to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and its resources.Today, with the pressing need and the high ambition to increase ocean literacy, science outreach and communication seek to inform citizens – kids and adults – and to share knowledge and values. Together with Frontiers for Young Minds, a panel of marine scientists and outreach experts will present and discuss an original way for science outreach and communication, an ocean Collection for kids and teens, and exchange on its potential for future development.

Expected Outcomes/Recommendations

  • Promotion of ocean literacy in order to engage people on the pathway to a sustainable interaction with the ocean.
  • Need to encourage ocean science outreach and communication activities and funding opportunities relevant to formal and informal educational environments in order to increase ocean literacy.
  • Implementation of “marine-friendly” curricula in terms of school courses and textbooks as well as teacher trainings (at all levels, from primary to tertiary; in all countries; in an understanding-based manner).