Capacity Building

Summary and Expectations

The goal of this session is to make a recommendation to the ocean community on a common strategy that brings together various strands of capacity development for ocean observing, decision making, conservation, and sustainable use across the globe, with an emphasis on SIDS and developing countries. The session will begin with a small number of “lightning talks” on strategies for breaking down barriers to capacity development, and will then turn to participation from the audience to further explore capacity development methods, challenges, and successes. We are keen to have participation from a wide variety of stakeholders, including a healthy mixture of younger and older stakeholders, as well as industry partners, decision makers, conservation and sustainability experts, and ocean scientists.

Expected Outcomes/Recommendations

  • Create a community of practice for those working in capacity development to share resources, catalogue existing efforts, create a unified agenda and funding request, obtain funding, and ensure sustainability of efforts.
  • Align efforts with community needs and realities – make sure training matches available equipment, create regionally specific best practices including for import/procurement of equipment, ensure easy and sustainable maintenance.
  • Create venues and opportunities for dialogue about capacity development between scientists, high level decision makers, local implementors, and other stakeholders.